Woman Scouts companion with Bakersfield’s Suga Shack so as to add a brand new twist to your favourite treats

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. – For all of those thin mint lovers out there, you’re in luck. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Girl Scouts have found ways to be creative with their cookie sales at the national level, and now that they’re in the early stages of their cookie season. They are partnering with a popular local company to fill that sweet tooth while trying to meet their sales goals for the year.

Suga Shack opened in the middle of a pandemic and so far its business has been booming. But now, thanks to local Girl Scouts, their menu is getting even sweeter. You can now top your sundae with the popular thin peppermints, caramel delicacies or the Girl Scout’s newest toast-yay biscuit.

Girl Scouts are working with local businesses to prepare for National Cookie Weekend, February 19-21. This year they are working with a drive-through ice cream parlor in southwest Bakersfield.

“They’re going to take our cookies and turn them into something amazing,” said Shannon Pamiza, a Girl Scout from Central California South.

Pamiza says they chose to work with Suga Shack because they were immediately drawn to the new family business.

“The sign automatically caught our attention, the line you have here, it must be something good, right ?! So we decided to speak to her to see what she is about. It’s also all about community. And she likes to give something back. This is exactly the kind of business we like to work with. “

Pamiza talks about the co-owner of the ice cream parlor and a former Girl Scout herself, Chea Bush.

“I think one of the great things about Boy Scouts is that everything that goes on at home sometimes goes to these groups and makes those connections with other young people. It is extremely useful to learn how to be part of the community and interact with other people not just then but later in life, “Bush said.

And since Bush says she was lucky enough to open her doors during the pandemic, she wants to give something back.

“Right now, given social distancing, it’s really important that we encourage and support these programs that do their best until they can open their doors and learn these life skills.”

Because of this, Bush will continue to buy the cookies in increments of 30 cartons to be just one of the many companies helping the Boy Scouts in central California meet their one million cookie sales goal this season.

“We want to continue to be an integral part of the community and love and support everyone.”

Soon the community can benefit as well as they choose from the three newest menu items from Suga Shack, which Bush calls Oh-Fudge Girl Scout Cookie Sundae.

These special treats are topped off with your favorite cookie crumbs over a variety of sauces and ice cream.

And Bush says you can’t go wrong, from the caramel sundae to the mint fondant with a chocolaty hot sauce paired with marshmellow cream sauce and crushed thin peppermints.

If you want to indulge in a Girl Scout sundae, Bush says it’s on the menu starting Friday at 3 p.m. and will be served until March 31.

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