Wienerschnitzel is now offering ‘Veggie Dogs’ in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Wienerschnitzel is now offering vegan hot dogs in all Bakersfield locations.

According to the company’s website, Bakersfield was selected as part of the test market for the new offerings. Several places in the city have already advertised the “Veggie Dogs” in their stores.

There are three “Veggie Dog” options including the Backyard Veggie Dog, the Barbeque Veggie Dog, and a Chicago Veggie Dog. The Backyard Veggie Dog comes with American cheese, cucumber spear, tomato, ketchup and mustard. The Barbeque Veggie Dog comes with BBQ sauce, cucumber spear and onions. The Chicago Veggie Dog comes with a cucumber spear, tomatoes, sport peppers, onions, relish, mustard and celery salt.

Participating locations:

4044 MING AVE. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93309 661-397-5351

1130 UNION AVE. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93307 661-325-3055

6200 WHITE LN. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93309 661-397-4686

3748 COFFEE RD. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93308 661-589-2855

2931 NILES ST. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93306 661-323-2502

2401 BRUNDAGE LN. BAKERSFIELD, CA, 93304 661-325-0689

236 NORTH CHESTER AVE. OILDALE, CA, 93308 661-393-0471

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