Undermanned Cal State Fullerton falls right into a rematch with Cal State Bakersfield – Whittier Day by day Information

There’s a good reason college basketball rarely plans back-to-back games, let alone back-to-back games against the same opponent.

That was life in the Big West Conference during that quarantine and cancellation season, and Cal State Fullerton is a prime example of that. One night after a spate of hits in the second half resulted in a six-point win at Cal State Bakersfield, the Titans were thoroughly ambushed by the roadrunners on Saturday night, losing 83:73.

The Titans were surpassed in color with 60 to 20 points and surpassed in the rematch with 41 to 24 points. They only had four offensive rebounds. The Roadrunners only made two 3-point points, but didn’t need a perimeter bonus if they could easily score points on short-distance jumpers.

The Titans (5-6 total, 4-6 Big West) split four of their five two-game league sets and won the first game twice and the second game twice. They dropped both games at UC Santa Barbara.

The Titans played understaffed from the start, with their top insider Vincent Lee and freshman Jalen Harris unavailable after injuries in Friday’s game. The Titans had eight players available and only six scored, Dante Maddox Jr., Tray Maddox Jr., and Josh Hall each scored 15 points, and Latrell Wrightsell Jr. added 14 (with four assists). Tory San Antonio scored 10 points, six rebounds and four assists.

The lack of the 6-foot-8 lee was significant. The Titans played a lot of zone defense with their big man unavailable, and the Roadrunners poked through the seams all evening for short ranger shots.

Justin McCall had a career high of 26 in 11v15 and Taze Moore had 20. Bakersfield (11-6, 7-3) shot 55 percent off the field.

The titans never led. They were back at nine in the morning before a 9-2 run left them 21:19, but Bakersfield countered with a 14-4 run and took over 12 points. Free throws and a 3-pointer from Tory San Antonio on the summer reduced the deficit to seven at halftime.

The Titans had a surge in the second half. After 2: 5 minutes down to 71: 59, the Titans scored 3-point hits from Tray Maddox, San Antonio and Dante Maddox. Josh Hall hit the inside and pocketed a free throw to increase the margin of 1:24 to four.

But Dante Maddox hit an airball the next time he had possession. Bakersfield ran the clock down and Cameron Smith keyed in a miss when the shot clock expired a minute before it expired, destroying the Titans’ hopes for a comeback.


The Titans host UC Riverside on Friday and Saturday (7-4, 4-2). Both games are scheduled for 5 p.m.

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