The mural on the East Bakersfield flyover affords a message of hope to younger ladies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Beale Street flyover in East Bakersfield is blooming with a new look and inspiration.

A mural entitled “Bloom” was painted under the Beale Street Bridge, which crosses the Union Pacific’s tracks in the old town of Kern. The mural is a project by The Hub of Bakersfield, a local non-profit organization. Ward 2 City Council, Bakersfield, and Bakersfield Hub Chairman Andrae Gonzales secured funding for the project. Gonzales said the mural was just one of many steps to revitalize East Bakersfield and Old Town core.

“To move a community forward, you have to work on the positive … You have to have beautification projects. You have to excite people and make people believe in their neighborhood, in their community, and you have to bring the people with you, ”said Gonzales.

Artists Brandon Thompson and Jennifer Williams-Cordova partnered with the Kern Arts Council to create the mural. They said it was a statement about finding beauty in unlikely places and a statement about the worth of each individual in society. It is also intended as a message of hope to young girls in the church.

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