The group raised money for the flower seller in Bakersfield after the attack over the weekend

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – Over the weekend, a local flower seller was molested by a person on Buck Owens Blvd, and the entire encounter was videotaped by a viewer before going viral on Tik Tok.


Bakersfield, we have to protect our street vendors !!! This was on the Rosedale Highway! Many thanks to the friendly people who stood for the street vendor.

– Bri🧚🏼‍♀️ (@bidibidibri) March 29, 2021

After that encounter, Julie Solis and a local group called 661 Voices Heard went out to raise over $ 9,000 with the help of the community, and they handed that check to the seller on Tuesday evening.

“He said he was incredulous that so many people came together to help him. And he’s indescribably grateful. He said when that happened he was actually surprised at the people who came out to help because he was.” knows it’s scary, but he was even surprised if it just screamed out the window. “

BPD is aware of the incident but is unable to conduct an investigation as they have not had any contact with the seller themselves. No one was arrested at the time either.

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