The Fresno, Bakersfield, CA clinics now sell vaccines

A medical provider with multiple locations in Fresno and Bakersfield will begin distributing vaccines on Monday and some new populations will be eligible.

Vaccines at Clinica Sierra Vista sites are targeted at those with certain serious, high-risk conditions or in residential and work areas that are at higher risk for serious COVID-19 illnesses, according to a press release.

Conditions a person might qualify for the vaccine include cancer, chronic kidney disease stage 4 or higher, Down syndrome, pregnancy, body mass index 40 or higher, heart conditions such as coronary artery disease, and type 2 Diabetes with hemoglobin A1C greater than 7.5%.

People with medical conditions or disabilities are not required to conduct an external review, the California Department of Health said, citing the need to protect confidentiality. Instead, they will be asked to sign a self-certification stating that they meet the criteria.

Although CDPH said people don’t need to provide evidence of their condition, it’s still a good idea to bring some form of screening, especially if you go to public vaccination and pharmacy clinics.

The review could include documents from health care providers or mental health providers, or an official government document from a public program for people with high-risk disabilities, CDPH said.

To request a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at Clinica Sierra Vista, go to

Others who can get a vaccine from Monday

In addition, everyone who lives or works in a shared apartment is entitled, e.g. B. in a detention center, homeless shelter, or behavioral health facility.

Public transit and commercial airline airport workers can also be vaccinated with COVID-19. Private airlines are excluded from this.

Fresno County Updates

Fresno County added 159 cases to its running total on Sunday, which now stands at 97,185 according to state figures. The county did not report any new deaths to the 1,534 already reported.

Tulare County reported 48,550 cases and 794 deaths but hasn’t updated the numbers since Friday.

Merced County counted 29,796 cases and 421 deaths in its update on Friday.

Kings County added 33 new cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 22,353. There was no change in the 235 deaths.

Madera County reported no deaths on Sunday, bringing the total to 222, according to the state. Ninety-four new cases increased that number to 15,761.

Mariposa County has seen 396 cases and seven deaths.

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