The first COVID patient to be ventilated at Bakersfield Heart Hospital tells her story a year later

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. – It’s a story first reported to 23ABC in April last year about a local mother who was one of the first COVID cases in Kern County and the first person to be put on a ventilator in one of our local hospitals.

A year ago, Monday, Lisa Mundy was put on a ventilator here at Bakersfield Heart Hospital because of COVID complications. According to Mundy, doctors told her it was a miracle that she was alive and able to share her story. Now that she has recovered, we hear about her near death experience for the first time as her fight against this virus is not over yet

“When they put me in the ambulance and I gave her a sign that I love you and I yelled at her I’ll be back because I knew she was so scared and she thought this was the last time would be that she would see me and no mother wants her baby to think that, “Mundy said.

Bakersfield, 41-year-old Lisa Mundy recalls the last moments with her daughter before she was hospitalized for 30 days after testing positive for COVID in March 2020, much like it did.

“I was so concerned that I was going to be treated so medically that I couldn’t fight and not know what was going on. And I really didn’t. I can’t remember being ventilated. I don’t remember that I’ve gotten bad enough. I remember telling my mother I wasn’t afraid to die. “

According to Mundy, her health went downhill within nine days before becoming the first COVID patient at Bakersfield Heart Hospital to receive a ventilator that lasted 21 days.

Mundy says recovery would not be easy after exiting the ventilator and that it is still not back to normal.

“I would say yes, I am a long-distance driver, but I think I would be a long-distance driver whether I was as sick as I was or now because I am predisposed to have an autoimmune disease, I have rheumatoid arthritis.”

Mundy says she had to relearn her motor skills like eating, but she is happy to be alive and she owes what she calls her new life thanks to the prayers of the community.

“I think I am the product of these prayers rather than these thoughts, and as my cardiologist said, my best life begins now.”

Mundy also says that every day she makes an effort to connect with other COVID survivors who may be battling this deadly disease online to provide support and recommends everyone to get vaccinated.

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