The CSU Bakersfield vaccination center attracts people from near and far

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – California State University’s bulk vaccination facility in Bakersfield has caught the attention of people across California as the CSUB area continues to welcome un-appointment walk-ins for those ages 16 and older.

Around 2,500 people, including a few hundred residents outside the city, were shot dead on the premises of the student recreation center on campus. Christopher Amador-French smiled when he received his first dose on Wednesday.

“It was great. Super fast. They made it really easy,” said Amador-French, a Pasadena resident. “Everyone was so welcoming,” added his wife Elena.

While core residents with appointments continue to have priority, walk-ins are welcome as long as cans are available, according to the organizers. Previously, cans were available.

“The ultimate goal is to get as many shots as possible at people’s weapons,” said David Womack, operations lead of CSU Bakersfield Vaccination Hub.

When people in the region learned of the availability of site visits on Monday, “Bakersfield” became the top trending topic on Twitter.

Actor Wil Wheaton helped put the vaccination site on the radar. Wheaton is known for his roles in many films and shows, including his portrayal of Wesley Crusher on the 1980s television series Star Trek, Next Generation. His wife Anne, herself a renowned children’s book author, took the photo.

The couple came to Kern after Wil came across a Redditt post who pointed out that the CSUB had more vaccines than people. After confirming the post was legitimate, Wheaton made sure he wouldn’t jump over the line. “It was important to me that the people at the vaccination site made it clear that the doses were unused,” said Wheaton.

After it was confirmed that he would not cut the line and that the vaccines were not being used, the couple and some of their friends made the 90-minute drive to Bakersfield.

“We saw the sign that said ‘Walk Ins Welcome’ and we think it’s really happening! It was amazing, ”said Wil. “If you live in Bakersfield. What are you waiting for?! It’s right there. For those who don’t live in Bakersfield, it’s the easiest ride in the world. And it was a sense of adventure for us. We felt like storm chasers, ”he continued.

During an interview with Eytan Wallace at 17 on Tuesday, the couple thanked those who work on site.

“I want all of the volunteers to know that you’ve changed my life. I’m just so grateful, “said Wil.

There are still COVID-19 vaccine appointments for this week at CSUB’s bulk vaccination center and they also accept walk-ups. You can find the full interview here.

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