The CA Medical Board is attempting to revoke the Bakersfield medical license after the woman dies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – A petition has been filed with the Medical Board of California seeking to revoke the license of a Bakersfield doctor facing lawsuit following the death of a woman in 2019. Court documents show that a hearing is taking place requests to determine whether Dr. Arthur Park will be revoked or suspended, whether he should be put on parole or whether he should be empowered to supervise other medical assistants or nurses.

In April 2019, 23-year-old Demi Dominguez, who was pregnant with her son, went to Mercy Hospital for swelling and high blood pressure. At that time, Dr. The obstetric obstetrician’s park in the hospital.

According to the Medical Board, Dr. Park Dominguez’s drug labetalol. She was later admitted for observation. The documents also state: “[Dr. Park] not directly assessed or investigated [Dominguez]and did not document any such direct assessment or observation. “However, in a later interview with Medical Board investigators, Dr. Park said he had visited Dominguez three times and” personally assessed [her]. “

Dominguez was released from the hospital the next day.

About two days later, Dominguez was returned to Mercy’s after she was found unresponsive and “confiscated” according to records. Dominguez and her unborn son are said to have died shortly afterwards.

The Medical Board aims to provide Dr. To revoke Park’s license on the basis of gross negligence for failure to perform an assessment and evaluation, not to properly diagnose Dominguez’s condition and not to provide “adequate and accurate records” of her treatment. according to documents.

Dr. Park faced an earlier discipline in 2000 relating to “negligent acts” in connection with the treatment of two other patients. His license was initially revoked but later restored after completing a PACE program.

In addition, Dr. Park before a lawsuit from Dominguez’s family. The lawsuit alleges that Dr. Park and another doctor allegedly cared for, treated and provided medical services to Dominguez and her baby in a negligent and negligent manner, resulting in fatal injuries.

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In a 2019 statement, Dignity Health, which operates Mercy Hospital, said, “Our deepest condolences go to the family for their loss. Safety and patient care are our top priorities, and we care deeply about matters relating to the quality of care Serious. In accordance with patient privacy laws and hospital guidelines, we do not discuss the specifics of patient care or the subject of ongoing litigation. “

Dominguez was scheduled to graduate from CSUB before her death. Her mother went to a standing ovation at the CSUB to honor her daughter and grandson.

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A hearing date has not yet been set at this point in time. 23ABC asked Dr. Park for comment, but declined.

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