The Bakersfield woman feels harassed after YouTubers posted videos wrongly linking her to the missing boys case

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. – “I thought it was a joke,” said Cherri Vasquez of Bakersfield after several YouTubers stood on her doorstep Thursday asking if she was linked to the disappearance of two missing boys.

According to Vasquez, the YouTubers asked if she was related to Jacqueline West, a woman they believe was involved in the disappearances of 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West.

As seen in the videos posted by YouTube channels AV Watchmen United We Stand and LV United We Stand, Vasquez denies being related to Vasquez for a few minutes.

The YouTubers posted the video on their channels and Vasquez felt tormented.

“I’m frustrated that you are lying. You made up all of these bad things,” said Vasquez.

One of Scott Preistab’s videos posted on the AB YouTube channel contained a clip that showed a photo of Vasquez with a voice that said, “Is there any involvement in a human trafficking ring? If they are targeted, they will used? ” groomed. “Were they used under the guise of witchcraft?”

Vasquez said that this type of narrative raises suspicion of something that is completely wrong.

Vasquez said she had no idea she was being admitted and was considering legal action.

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