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Has ‘Law & Order’ just opened the door for Benson and Stabler to finally join in?

NBCDhis post contains spoilers for Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.Reunited, and it feels so … good, not good, really. On Thursday evening, Law & Order finally reunited NBC’s most popular platonic couple: after a decade, Olivia Benson of Mariska Hargitay and Elliot Stabler of Christopher Meloni are back on track. Unfortunately, Stabler’s wife, Kathy, took the death of a mysterious high-ranking criminal to accomplish this. The premiere of Meloni’s new Law & Order spin-off Organized Crime took place on Thursday. Given the scale of the Benson and Stabler (babe-ler?) Reunion, it should come as no surprise that NBC blasted the event into a crossover event with SVU – which resulted in Kathy Stabler being wheeled into an ambulance as a stunned one Olivia watched. Apparently, despite the fact that they lived overseas, the Stablers have become a bombshell here in the US. Maybe this has something to do with Elliot’s new job? As Stabler explains, a few years after his tour he left the NYPD; He started out with personal security and eventually worked as an international terrorism, sex trafficking, and organized crime liaison. He was coming to New York to testify on a case and Kathy had come with him. Apparently the police poster in her rental car was a reference to the bomber. Kathy initially survived the attack but later died in the hospital of a broken spleen. Benson and her team are able to track down the suspected bomber, but he too is found dead in his cell after an overdose. The explosive appears to have been of an international design. Life after ‘SVU’: Christopher Meloni in ‘They Came Together’, Stabler and His Famous BehindSadly for Kathy, her brush with death is mostly just an action tool to bring Benson and Stabler together (and of course to start Stabler’s new independent TV gig). Benson volunteers to lead the bomb investigation and allows her old partner to accompany them during the first interrogation where they interview a QAnon supporter. However, it quickly becomes clear that the culprit in this case is a far more sophisticated person. A lot has changed since Stabler last appeared on screen. In his final seasons in particular, Meloni’s character has become known for his hot temper and tendency to bend the rules – traits that have not aged well given recent discussions about how cop trials have fostered harmful notions of policing. When Stabler made his big return, viewers also got a healthy helping of handcraft about how “good” or “bad” a cop could be who he could be now. “Don’t tell me, ‘Please don’t do it like that anymore,'” says Stabler Benson once. “I lived outside of New York, not under a rock.” Finn vouches for his former colleague to a newer colleague and insists, “At the end of the day he’s a good cop.” Finally, Stabler loses his cool when asked: “I’m pretty tired of people judging me by who I am It was 12 years ago, ”he says. “I was a good cop then, I’m a good cop now.” When Ayanna Bell, who shoots back the organized crime officer responsible for the hunt for the criminal element responsible for his wife’s apparent murderer, you never thought you had to change your behavior. “But the main task in the first hour of this crossover event was of course to keep the distance between Stabler and Benson in their decade. It’s been 10 years since Benson and Stabler worked on a case together. Meloni’s final episode, the Season 12 Finale, ended with Stabler shooting the daughter of a rape victim who opened fire in the NYPD district with a gun she bought off the street. In the following episodes, Benson learned that her longtime partner had resigned. The two have not spoken since then. “Are you sorry you left or are you sorry you left – because you didn’t give me the courtesy to tell me?” Asks Benson. “You were the most important person in my life. And you just … disappeared. “” I know, “replies Elliot. “I was scared. If I had heard your voice, I couldn’t have left.” The partnership between Stabler and Benson has always been, um, shall we say … intense? That fact also came to the fore on Thursday night as newer members of the team, including Amanda Rollins, point out the ambiguous “thing” the couple notoriously shared. Stabler seems curious when Finn mentions Olivia’s romantic relationships and tries to extract some information from his old colleague – only to learn that At the risk of sounding blatant about poor Kathy’s death, her tragic fate leads to one, yes, very blatant question: Will we finally see Stabler and Benson kissing after all these years? At the moment, however, Stabler obviously has bigger fish to fry. Kathy’s murder case is officially outside of Benson’s jurisdiction, although that is no guarantee that she will resign s youngest son Eli is shaken by the death of his mother and desperate that the family will not return to Rome. (Unfortunately, NBC doesn’t seem to have the resources to give us Law & Order Takes Tuscany.) Stabler himself has already started to grill international criminals and hunt down leads, and keeps referring to a smuggling case he was involved in in Puglia has worked . It turned out that during COVID times, medical care has become a lucrative source of money for organized crime rings. The root of it all seems to be Freddie (Dylan McDermott) – the son of a notorious mob boss named Sinatra (yes, Sinatra), whose thugs were also behind the smuggling of the PSA in Puglia. Freddie, also known by the name Richard Wheatley, enjoys an upper-crust existence and paints himself a legitimate businessman. Even Sinatra seemed ready to send his son to Stabler – but unfortunately Freddie came to him first and executed him on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island. Now the hunt is on. It’s likely that this case will take up a good portion of Organized Crime’s premiere season, or at least form the early backbone of the narrative. But once the fog clears and the hammer inevitably falls, there will be time for other, longer smoldering questions – including whether after all these years fans can finally see Benson and Stabler make up and finally smooch. 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