The Bakersfield Metropolis Faculty District is simply inches from reopening for private studying

The Bakersfield City School District is getting closer to bringing some students back to the classroom for face-to-face study this month. The district board of trustees held a special meeting to discuss details of how students with special education can return to class.

“The purpose of [Thusday night’s] A special study session for board meetings is designed to give the board and community a detailed overview of our plan for returning to school for small cohorts. After the board has had a chance to ask questions, we will ask questions to the board for approval of the plan, “said Doc Ervin, superintendent of Bakersfield City School District.

The first phase of the plan calls for small groups of students with special needs to be returned from October 19. Since special education students are the first to return, the district has asked families to have students wear their masks before returning to school in person.

BCSD designs a new level system for reopening schools

There are four phases in total to bring back groups of students.

  • Phase 1 includes instruction that focuses on any standalone special education programs with a scheduled return flight date of October 19.
  • Phase 2 examines support services for nursing youth and homeless students with a scheduled return flight date of November 2nd. According to Luque, students who are more comfortable can opt for distance learning with this option.
  • Phase 3 would focus on elementary school students learning English with the goal of going back to school on January 4th.
  • Phase 4 would include the rest of the students.

However, it doesn’t have a start date as it depends on local health conditions. Kern County would need to be in Tier 2 or Red Tier for 14 consecutive days to start Phase 4.
Deputy Superintendent Mark Luque says final plans for transportation, nutrition and maintenance departments will be finalized in the near future.

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