The Bakersfield Metropolis College District kicks off the Dad and mom College program on Saturday

BAKERSFIELD, California – A virtual school year during a pandemic is difficult for students and their parents. The Bakersfield City School District plans to help with its parents’ college program.

“We want everyone who joins that day to understand that because we’re going through a distance learning process, parenting engagement won’t end,” said Dee Dee Harrison, coordinator for family and community engagement.

She said the program teaches parenting skills through free monthly classes from October through April. Usually the program is personal, but it starts on Saturday with the theme “We can do everything virtually”.

“We really encourage our parents to continue to be committed to their child’s education and we will show them how to do that,” said Harrsion.

Harrison said the purpose of the program is to empower parents and give them confidence in their ability to guide their students through school, especially this year with online learning.

“The idea behind the courses is that they can take classes, ask questions, interact with other parents in the district, and meet with our team to see what they can do to help their students at home,” he told Harrisoin .

This year, courses are offered that specifically deal with virtual learning. Harrison said this will help parents understand the technology used to teach their children online.

“We have a path this year focused on technology literacy and we want to make sure they understand what their students are going through and have this opportunity to familiarize themselves a little with all of the tools we use in our district.” said Harrison.

Harrison said there will also be gift card and merchandise raffles to see how hard the parents worked.

If you want to take part in the kick-off on Saturday or take part in the monthly courses, click here.

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