The Bakersfield man admitted killing his spouse and slashing her wrist in a failed suicide try: studies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Officials who opened the door to a house in northwest Bakersfield last month came across a gruesome scene: a woman’s body on the floor with a severe blunt trauma to her head, a man in the Close, moaning and with a cut on his wrist.

The man, John Leroy Gardner, survived his injury and, according to newly released court documents, admitted killing his 40-year-old wife. He said he should have died too.

A policeman guarding Gardner at Kern Medical recorded it and said to a nurse, “After I did it, I tried to kill myself so I wouldn’t have to worry about it, but then I thought, ‘What did I do ? ‘I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve done some crazy things, but … “

The documents say he started crying and said, “I can’t believe I killed her. It’s really crazy. It’s more than crazy. “

Gardner, 64, is charged with first degree murder and will appear in court on Wednesday. He is being held on $ 1 million bail.

Police were called to the Gardner’s home on Vaquero Drive near Discovery Elementary School on December 6th. A hammer and razor blade were among the items confiscated from the master bedroom where the Gardners were found.

When police spoke to him, Gardner said there had been domestic violence issues in his marriage to 58-year-old Jane Gardner. He said he should have left instead of having things set up according to the records.

Gardner told police his wife verbally assaulted him that day. He took Ativan to calm himself down.

Gardner later woke up feeling miserable and wanted to kill himself, the records say he told the police. Then he thought of the misfortune his wife had caused him, he said, and grabbed a hammer from the garage.

Gardner said he beat his wife to death with a hammer and hit her in the head about six times, the files say. Then he cut himself, expecting to be dead soon.

An investigator interviewing Gardner wrote: “Gardner then said he would never see his house again because he knows he will be in jail until he dies. Gardner said he wished he had died. “

A relative of Jane Gardner’s told police that John Gardner was known to get jealous and accuse his wife of cheating on him. The relative described him as “controlling” and said there was an incident a few years ago in which he was arrested for domestic violence, but no charges were reported. She said Gardner has been in rehab for opioid addiction in the past.

Another person the couple knew said John Gardner was a “quack” and “pill popper” who took a range of medicines and, according to records, drank a lot. This person told police that Jane Gardner said her husband was paranoid and believed she would leave him when she retired.

Jane Gardner worked at Cal State Bakersfield as an Analyst in the Scholarship Department. John Gardner was a former laboratory technician at Kern Medical but was retired due to a shoulder injury, the records say.

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