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Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, moves the goalposts again for the Minnesota Governor

The will-he-or-not-he speculation about a possible board of directors from MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will last at least a bit longer. What He Says: Lindell told Axios that his current focus is on proving his (unfounded) claims of electoral fraud. He won’t make a decision until this fight is resolved. Get smarter, faster with the news CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top politicians read. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here. * “Why would anyone want to run when they had the same election fraud machines?” Lindell said Friday. * “It will all come out of there, and if so, we will see which elections will have to be done with paper votes and without machines. Otherwise it does not make sense to invest all the resources and time.” Between the lines: While he does the Leaving the door open, Lindell’s comments create a way to take a bow. Why It Matters: If Lindell is running, name recognition and his connections to Trump could give him an edge among GOP voters. * Many senior Republican officials and advisors believe the unpredictable pillow seller at the top of the ticket would spell disaster for their efforts to win nationwide in 2022. How We Got Here: Lindell has been flirting with an offer for months, but his commitment to promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 election – including a high-profile visit to the White House – has sparked legal backlash and problems for his company. * Last fall, Lindell said he would run if Trump won another term. Then, in early January, he told the Star Tribune that he was “90-95%” sure that he would step in and decide “as soon as we know Donald Trump is our president.” Support safe, intelligent, and sensible journalism. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here.

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