The 23ABC Bakersfield Child Bathe is simply across the nook!

It’s officially November, which means it’s time for the 23ABC Bakersfield Baby Shower!

Ahead of our second annual event, co-hosted with The Mission at Kern County and the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, 23ABC virtually took viewers into the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center to show where donations are going directly.

The tour started at the Baby Boutique, where mothers “shop” essentials for their children, including clothes, baby wipes and strollers. At last year’s inaugural shower, Erin Rogers, executive director of the pregnancy center, said they had received $ 10,000 in donations.

The next stop was the Layette Room, the first place donations go before they are curated downstairs at the Baby Boutique for mothers to shop. Moms can earn points for shopping by also taking the Earn As You Study courses above. The care packages put together in the Layette room are only made available to mothers as customers in the pregnancy center.

The next stop for 23ABC was the classroom where these parenting courses are held. Usually the pregnancy center teaches about 15 parents at a time, but during the pandemic the sessions were one-on-one. Julie Sepulveda, the outreach coordinator at the pregnancy center, said the socially distant group sessions would resume from Tuesday. Courses include baby CPR, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome awareness, and what to do if your baby is crying.

We also peeked into the ultrasound room at the pregnancy center to see what medical services were available at the pregnancy center. Rogers said this includes free pregnancy tests, first trimester ultrasounds, free STI tests, and setting up medical care if a client doesn’t have a doctor. Registered nurses at the pregnancy center are either volunteers or employed by the center.

And as you know, the Bakersfield Baby Shower is just around the corner on November 19th at 23ABC Studios (321 21st Street in Downtown Bakersfield). Here is a list of the charity items we want to help out local mothers.

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