Some wait in line for leftover vaccines in Bakersfield

For providers of the COVID-19 vaccine, this is an inevitable situation: leftover doses.

In some cases, people who are scheduled to meet cannot be seen. In other cases, there is a vial that is not completely empty at the end of the day, and it is unfathomable to throw away even a dose of the vaccine.

Bakersfield-resident Christine Zimmerman said she and her husband waited outside a vaccination clinic on the Kern County Fairgrounds Friday after a friend posted on Facebook that people waiting outside the gate were given extra doses at the end of the day .

“We would keep people from setting up outside the exhibition grounds,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

At Clinica Sierra Vista, spokesman Tim Calahan said if someone is absent, his clinics will attempt to call someone who is due to arrive early on an upcoming day. But as a last resort, they will give it to anyone around and ready to receive it, he said.

“There are no official instructions on this. This is an uncomfortable situation for vendors, ”said Calahan. But he added, “We definitely don’t want to waste it.”

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