Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance

Your solar panel system can last years if it is properly maintained. Make sure to inspect your solar panel system on a regular basis.

Why should I maintain my solar power panel?

Routine maintenance can cut down on your power bills up to 40% Routine maintenance is a great way to reduce power bills.

Just as you would maintain an efficient car engine with an oil change or replacing air filters, similar inspections of solar panels will help ensure safe operation for long periods of time.

How Often do I need to clean my solar panels?

Your solar panels are very high-tech devices and it can be difficult for you to keep them healthy. The good news is that your panels will last for many years with proper care. Please visit us at least once a calendar year. The team at advosy energy
We are available to you via telephone or online chat. Please ask away advosy energy for assistance.

Your solar panel system will run more efficiently and more effectively if you give it regular maintenance. Follow these easy maintenance instructions provided by your retailer or installer.

Panels should be replaced every 3 to 5 years for the best performance. Some experts recommend 5, however.
Clear any dust buildup on Sunny DayDeals Tags with a cotton wipe dampened in alcohol. Wipe down thoroughly.

Who can handle routine maintenance of a solar panel system?

It is important to note that, unlike typical electrical products and appliances, just because the solar panel system has been turned off at a switch does this mean that its components are not an environmental hazard. For roof-mounted solar panels, additional hazards exist because of the need for maintenance.

Q: How can you turn off your home’s electricity without opening it up to all these dangerous voltages.
A: You can’t! This is a problem you can’t solve. There are many ways around it and they’re simple as pie or bread. For example, if your fusebox is controlled by circuit breakers, flip them around until you hear two quick clicks. This indicates that full interrupt power has been cut in the area.

What does it include?

The maintenance of your solar panel system goes beyond cleaning and inspecting. Regular maintenance of all components advosy power ensures:
All panels should be spotless.
Solar panels have no cracks or other major defects. Additionally, they come with secure hardware to prevent theft.
No vents should be blocked on roofs that have been fitted into them.
Clearance is also necessary in order for sunlight heat to reach the houses during summer.


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