SoCal residents head to Bakersfield to get their COVID-19 vaccines

BAKERSFIELD, California – As vaccination rights expand to other age groups and a larger population, more people are trying to get their vaccinations. In countries where people under the age of 50 are not supposed to get a vaccine, we’ve found some of them taking a trip to Bakersfield.

Cal State University in Bakersfield is not only home to a campus, but also a vaccination center. However, when it became known that this website had higher vaccine supplies than patients, people from Southern California traveled to Bakersfield to reconcile their place.

“I took my daughter to college in San Francisco. I was on my way back when I got a call from my sister-in-law. Bakersfield got shots! We’re like ‘we’re going over there in a minute!’ “

Mark White is a Los Angeles native and one of many LA residents traveling to Bakersfield for the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m trying to get it because I’m a musician, so I want to be able to play shows and I have a few in front of me that I want to be safe for them, so I keep going back to a (site ) and here we looked around. “

Cal State University’s vaccine center in Bakersfield previously told 23ABC that they can vaccinate thousands more people who have shown up. And now that they are accepting walk-ins, not only are they opening up to people over the age of 16, but also to people who live in places where they may not yet be eligible for the vaccine.

“We heard quickly on the news that Bakersfield allowed everyone to walk, so we took the opportunity,” said an LA resident.

“We have a friend who did a similar hike relatively recently. I think they read it like a Reddit post, ”said a San Diego resident.

“I don’t have any of the conditions, they’ll let you come early anyway. So it’s good to finally get it. “

Michelle Corson of Kern County Public Health says she doesn’t need identification or turn someone away. However, she says that “the doses received in Kern County are intended to vaccinate those who live and work here.” She adds, “We don’t currently have enough supplies in Kern to vaccinate all eligible residents.”

But that comes as people continue the journey, including Rudy Garcia who lives in Santa Clarita and says it was worth the drive as his family is at high risk.

“I thought this would be the earliest opportunity to get a shot before I make it available to everyone else.”

No matter near or far, there is a good chance these lines will continue to have people from out of town.

If you want to register on site, the vaccinations are free and the whole process should take around 40-60 minutes.

This site is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Student Rec Center.

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