Round 100 volunteers from the native church beautify downtown Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – It’s a movement to make change in these static times. Recently, Bakersfield had a strong need for volunteers to help keep the city clean.

“Throughout this whole pandemic, we have not been able to conduct our volunteer services the way we normally would,” said Analisabeth Garcia, a member of the Bakersfield Church of God.

Last February, the World Mission Society’s Church of God had to cancel its cleanup of the big city when the pandemic broke out.

“I think we had about 300 members that would come,” Garcia said.

But this year they partnered with Keep Bakersfield Beautiful to give back and be safe at the same time.

“We wanted to take an initiative to show people that we can still do things for our communities while we continue to practice CDC guidelines, stay safe, and do everything in a beneficial atmosphere,” said Beau Alaniz, manager of the Bakersfield Church of God.

Around 100 Church volunteers have cleaned and beautified downtown Bakersfield. They planted a total of 288 flowers and around 10 trees. Mayor Karen Goh also stopped by to show her support.

“In situations like this, as we are now dealing with the pandemic, everyone cannot help but focus on themselves and ensure their own safety,” said Alaniz. “This is important, but I personally believe, and I believe there is also a teaching in the Bible, that in difficult times we should try to help one another even more than we did before.”

Church members hope this will inspire other members of the ward to give back during these troubled times.

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