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Asian Americans have been verbally and physically assaulted during a pandemic, studies show

Since the coronavirus shutdown began last March, thousands of Asian Americans have faced racist verbal and physical attacks or been shunned by others, according to a study published Tuesday.

The Stop AAPI Hate study documented 3,795 racially motivated attacks against Asian Americans from March to February, finding that the number is likely a fraction of the attacks that occurred because many of the group went unreported.

Stop AAPI Hate was founded in March last year in response to attacks related to the belief that Asians are responsible for the coronavirus because of their origins in Wuhan, China. The group has not collected any data over the past few years to show whether attacks against Asians increased during the pandemic.

Approximately 68% of the anti-Asian attacks documented in the study were verbal harassment, 21% avoid and 11% were physical assault.

Another 9% were civil rights violations such as discrimination in the workplace or refusal to work in a company. Approximately 7% of the attacks were online harassment.

Most of the incidents occurred in companies or on public roads.

“We ask policymakers at local, state and national levels to work with us to implement community-based solutions that will help Asian Americans have equal rights and access to opportunities,” said Manjusha Kulkarni, co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate and Executive Director of the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council.

The report includes descriptions of the incidents provided by the victims.

-Los Angeles Times

Impaired driving remains a hurdle to legal marijuana in NY as lawmakers are close to the deal

ALBANY, NY – The Empire State legislature is about to pass a measure to legalize adult recreational marijuana, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, New York State Senate majority leader, said Tuesday.

Legislators are likely to reach consensus and act on a standalone bill once it addresses persistent traffic stop and safety concerns, Stewart cousins ​​admitted.

“We are very close. We have just reached a small cul-de-sac that has to do with driving disorders, ”said the Yonkers Democrat during a video press conference. “We are trying to find a way forward so that there is a certain understanding of security.”

The issue at stake is whether driving while impaired by marijuana should continue to be treated as an offense or a traffic violation.

Previously, Sandra Doorley, District Attorney for Monroe County and President of the District Attorney, had set out some of the law enforcement concerns.

“Classifying cannabis-influenced driving as a traffic violation would send the message to the driving audience that impaired driving is not a big deal and is treated the same as a parking ticket,” Doorley said. “Also, driving while impaired by marijuana obviously puts all of our residents and visitors at risk.”

Democrats in both Senate and Assembly removed marijuana from their budget proposals this week, an indication that lawmakers are on the verge of reaching an agreement on lengthy efforts to allow New Yorkers to legally ignite.

– New York Daily News

Guzman receives Senate approval to head the SBA

WASHINGTON – The Senate voted between 81 and 17 on Tuesday to confirm Isabel Guzman, President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Small Business Administration.

As the SBA administrator, Guzman will oversee the remaining payouts from the Paycheck Protection Program, a forgivable loan program that has been a lifeline for small businesses hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Small Business Administration has overseen two pandemic-related programs that spend more than $ 1 trillion to small businesses, nonprofits and religious institutions in our country,” said Charles E. Schumer, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, DN.Y. The agency will also play an important role once the economy recovers, he said.

“MS. Guzman couldn’t be more willing. She comes from a family of small business owners. Her father ran his own veterinary clinic,” he said To support the world’s economics. “

Guzman was endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans and supported by small business groups throughout the verification process.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, the senior Republican on the House Small Business Committee, said he was looking forward to working with Guzman.

– CQ appeal

Serial stowaway who snuck aboard 20 flights that were arrested again in Chicago

A woman who has snuck on an estimated 20-30 flights without a ticket since 2002 was arrested again Tuesday at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Marilyn Hartman, 69, was arrested on the unsafe side of the airport and failed to make it past checkpoints, according to WGN-TV. According to her release from an earlier bust, she was not allowed to enter the complex.

Hartman, famous for her airplane-hopping exploits that she has her own Wikipedia page, was last caught in October 2019 after sneaking past checkpoints in O’Hare. At the time, she was on parole due to a 2018 conviction.

While Hartman has been blown up several times, she has also avoided being spotted on many occasions, including on several international flights.

Just a day before the Tuesday arrest, CBS subsidiary WBBM-TV published an interview with Hartman in Chicago detailing some of their antics.

Hartman told WBBM that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but consistently defied attempts in court to question her sanity. She is known to security officers at O’Hare and Chicago’s Midway Airport.

Safe to say she is a flight risk.

– New York Daily News

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