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Poll: Half of New Yorkers don’t think Cuomo should step down amid allegations

ALBANY, NY – Despite the loss of the trust of most of his fellow Democrats, New Yorkers disagree on whether or not Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign as he faces two scandals over sexual harassment and COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, according to a new report on poll Siena College released on Monday.

The poll, conducted last week when dozen of Cuomo’s Democrat colleagues urged the governor to resign amid mounting allegations of wrongdoing, found that 50% of voters say the embattled leader should not resign immediately. Only 34% believe he should step down right now.

While a third of voters say Cuomo committed sexual harassment after more than half a dozen women made allegations, a quarter say they didn’t, and most aren’t sure.

With an impeachment investigation going on at the congregation and the attorney general’s office overseeing an independent investigation into Cuomo’s conduct, most New Yorkers believe the governor can continue to exercise his responsibilities.

“(V) oters say that despite ongoing investigations, Cuomo can continue to do his job as governor effectively, 48-34%,” said Steven Greenberg, pollster in Siena. “A strong majority of Democrats and a large number of independents say he can govern effectively, while two-thirds of Republicans disagree.”

According to the survey, there is a geographic divide. Voters outside the five wards are very divided on whether Cuomo can continue to govern effectively, while a large majority of New York voters believe it can.

Cuomo also faces political pressure and a federal investigation as his government deals with COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, claiming officials deliberately tried to protect the real toll from the public.

– New York Daily News

The Texas GOP delegation condemns Biden for “crisis” during border visit

WASHINGTON – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and a dozen of his colleagues denounced the Biden government’s handling of increased migration on the southwest border and called for congressional action during a visit to the Texas border Monday.

The 13-member Republican Congress delegation traveled to El Paso after a higher number of crossings on the U.S.-Mexico border, including thousands of migrant children who arrived without their parents.

“This crisis is caused by the presidential policies of this new administration,” McCarthy, R-Calif., Said during a news conference.

McCarthy blamed President Joe Biden’s recent efforts to lift his predecessor’s immigration restrictions for the recent influx. He also accused Biden of not responding to a letter he sent earlier this month asking for a meeting to discuss recent migration trends.

“He doesn’t even acknowledge the letter, let alone a crisis caused by his politics. So we will work together across the aisle within our own party because we know the solutions that are required, ”McCarthy said.

Unless Biden reverses his immigration policy, “it will take Congress action to do so, and that is why we are here,” he added.

Ahead of Monday’s press conference, Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, the former chairman of the Hispanic Caucus of Congress, took to Twitter as “hollow and cynical” of McCarthy and other Republicans’ concerns about migrant children over their past support. referred to the Trump administration’s immigration policy that hurts migrant families.

– CQ appeal

Germany, France stop AstraZeneca shot that EU regulator declares safe

Europe’s largest countries, including Germany and France, have suspended the use of AstraZeneca Plc’s COVID-19 vaccine due to a growing health crisis that is once again delaying the European Union’s vaccination campaign.

The decisions add to the list of governments that have stopped distributing the shots after reports of serious blood clotting, despite the EU Medicines Agency reiterating its support for the vaccine.

The suspensions represent a U-turn for some countries that previously said vaccinations should continue while the issue is being investigated. Italy has also suspended AstraZeneca’s shot and Spain was ready to do so, according to media reports. The announcements follow crisis talks between health officials from these countries as well as from Germany and France.

EU health ministers will hold a video conference on Tuesday where recent concerns are likely to dominate the process. In its statement on Monday, Germany cited further cases of serious thrombotic events in the past few days as the reason for the temporary suspension.

As Europe tries to solve the vaccination problem, it is also grappling with increasing coronavirus cases, forcing some governments to cut back on their activities. Most of Italy returned for lockdown on Monday.

The European Medicines Agency said the benefits of the Astra vaccine continued to outweigh the risks. It said it was working closely with the company and health officials, including the UK Medicines Agency, based on its experience with about 11 million of the shots.

– Bloomberg News

The Iditarod winner combines the record with the 5th championship

DESHKA LANDING, Alaska – Alaskan Dallas Seavey made history Monday morning by winning his fifth championship in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, naming Rick Swenson as the race’s most successful musher.

Talkeetna’s Seavey drove an All-Star team of sled dogs to the finish line at Deshka Landing at 5:08 a.m. and completed this year’s shortened race in 7 days, 14 hours, 8 minutes and 57 seconds.

His family was among a small crowd that had gathered at the finish line. After walking down his dog line and petting everyone, Seavey joked about the meaning of # 5 before he really meant it.

“It’s coming after 4 I think,” he said with a grin, and then his tone changed.

“Ever since I won my first Iditarod and was the youngest to win, people have been asking, ‘Oh, you’re going to get five, you’re going to get five,’ and I’ve always said, ‘I’m going to get the next one and one day five can be the next. ‘That’s today, it’s finally the next one and we got it.

“That’s huge, man.”

It was the fifth win in 12 Iditarods for Seavey, 34. His previous wins came in 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2012.

– Anchorage Daily News


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