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Poppies and Thyme Expanding Line of Jewelry Designer Collections With Two New Products

Mar 24

Poppies and Thyme Custom Pendant Necklace Designs

The stunning butterfly designs give you a touch of style to ensure you remain beautiful every time

Poppies and Thyme, a New Zealand-based jewelry designer brand, is expanding its jewelry designer collections with two new product lines - the Butterfly Necklaces and the Initial Pendant Necklaces. The company is pleased to add these designs to their collection because these stunning butterfly designs came from discovering a range of vintage designs. Another reason is the family love of butterfly, which has always been seen as a sign of visiting parents from the afterlife, watching over us and protecting, especially the monarch butterfly. After loving the Gold Look letters on a Black background, the Initial Necklaces came about, which match any outfit- a touch of gold style.

Nature is the inspiration behind the Butterfly Necklace pendant range. The jewelry designer company created this collection with top-notch standards, a feature that reflects genuine craftsmanship. The two new product lines come from the hands of amazing moms residing in the USA, who utilized their creative designs and creativity to create fantastic pieces.

Poppies and Thyme offer the personalized Butterfly necklace in an 18k Gold style or Stainless Steel style with an unpaid-for gift box. Besides this, you can get the Women's butterfly Necklace in various cute designs and colors. The Cute Butterfly Necklace has a quality guarantee, and most of the products qualify for free shipping.

The company designed the Initial Necklace for Women to enjoy. Besides this, this Initial Pendant Necklace features a durable top-notch surgical steel and a high-quality liquid glass coating. The industrial-strength sealant is another excellent feature associated with the Letter Pendant Necklace. Other optional features associated with the Blue Butterfly Necklace pendant includes the 18k gold plated finish and top-notch surgical stainless steel. The Butterfly Necklace also features personalized options and engraved options.

The 100% handmade personalized products with a natural beauty touch are because of the founder's love for nature. Natasha designed the new product lines to express her devotion, joy and love for nature.

Here are some of the best selling designs -

Letter Q Pendant Necklace


Letter R in Black and Gold


About Poppies and Thyme

Poppies and Thyme is a New Zealand-based jewelry design company that deals with all the modern jewelry collections. It sells a vast range of Butterfly Necklaces, the Initial Pendant Necklaces and more jewelry collections. The company's founder works hard every day to empower women with talents to showcase their skills and inspire the working ones with her success story. The founder aims to transform her personalized Butterfly necklace passion into a top-rated woman-controlled business.