Paperwork: A person who was shot lifeless within the East Bakersfield bar tried to document a buddy who was in a struggle

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A gunfight that resulted in the suspect being wounded by a Kern County Sheriff’s Representative took place after an altercation at a bar in East Bakersfield in November.

The suspect, Henry Rodriguez, was fatally shot and killed by a deputy of the Kern County Sheriff’s after allegedly shooting a man in front of Stella’s sand trap on Niles Street. This shoot and the moment when the deputy shot Rodriguez were captured in several videos.

According to the records, the victim and his wife drove to see Stella after receiving a call from a friend who had been attacked. While he was helping the friend, they crossed two men in the parking lot who the friend recognized as attackers. An argument broke out and the victim told investigators that one of the men ran towards them so he hit him. But while these two were fighting, Rodriguez allegedly approached and shot the victim in the back.

After several interviews, the shooting occurred after the security forces had to break off another fight a few minutes earlier. The surveillance video showed several vehicles entering Stellas after the initial fight, but several people fled after the shooting.

A man was arrested after trying to escape from the scene after MPs arrived. He told investigators that he just “panicked” and went to see Stella after receiving a group text message that a member of her auto club had “jumped”. He said when he got to Stella he was told about the shooting. He was later released.

The documents, which are heavily edited, do not report what sparked the first fight, and several witnesses told investigators that they arrived after the shooting or only heard the gunfire.

After the shooting, when Assistant Richard Santos pulled into the parking lot, Rodriguez drove off but crashed in front of the La Villa restaurant, half a mile away on Niles Street. While he was being followed on foot, Deputy Santos followed him, but it did not interfere with him.

KCSO has released several videos that, according to the department, show the encounter between Rodriguez and Santos. A cell phone video shows Santos following the suspect on foot after using the taser. The suspect turns to Santos before the proxy opens fire. Rodriguez drops, gets up again and follows Santos into an alley. A separate video with a surveillance camera shows Rodriguez getting faster and running towards the deputy before Santos shoots him again in an alley near the Panda Wok restaurant.

Rodriguez’s alleged victim is expected to make a full recovery, according to KCSO. Rodriguez, who survived multiple gunshot wounds, will be tried on February 10 on attempted murder and other charges. The deputy Santos has since been put back into service.

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