Obituary for Lawrence Snowden – (1955-2021) – Bakersfield, CA.

Lawrence Matthew Snowden
March 12, 1955 – January 11, 2021

Lawrence Matthew Snowden (aka Taxman Larry for Everyone Who Knew him) was born in Washington DC on March 12, 1955. to Lulah May and Clarence Gilmore Snowden. He lived carefree and was always the first to laugh at himself. He died on January 11, 2021. He was an IRS Certified Enrolled Agent, but on the side of good, not evil. To many of his clients, he was Superman, and like Superman, he was rarely fairly rewarded for his skills, and he was okay with that. His modest tax fees always showed in his extremely humble lifestyle. His bigger payment was knowing that he was really helping his clients find their way through the potentially difficult seas of taxes. His personal effects like furniture, television, vehicle, etc. didn’t add up very much, but the value of his heart was priceless. In his entire life he had never faltered to help wherever it was needed. He lived his life on numbers and taxes and loved every second of the challenge. He wrote several books on taxes and was viewed by many IRS agents as their “go to guy” for questions and answers he easily knew.

Larry’s other writings include scripts, poetry, and a song that was actually recorded. He was a master bridge player and in the late 70’s, early 80’s he enjoyed teaching others to play. It was then that he met the dearest friend of his life, Rita Carroll. They remained friends for the rest of his life. By God’s grace, her voice was most likely the last voice he heard, a voice that eased his discomfort and filled his heart with the warmth of her love before going home to the room God had prepared for him (John 14 Dec. : 2)) and secured by his acceptance of God as his Savior.

Larry is preceded in death by his mother Lulah and survived by his father Clarence Gilmore, 92, and four other brothers. He was Uncle Larry to 8 nieces and nephews and a great friend to everyone who knew him. Rest in Peace Taxman Larry, we will miss you.

Hopefully a memorial to Lawrence and his mother Lulah, who passed away on May 9, 2020, will be held together this spring due to Covid.

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