Native youth rejoice black historical past in East Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Mothers Against Gang Violence celebrated Black History Month today in East Bakersfield, near Casa Loma School. Dozens of children gathered to perform and learn about people of color who changed history.

“Kids are excited, it gives them something to look forward to because it gives them a chance to look at history,” said Xenia King, president of Mothers Against Gang Violence. “What is now and what could be.”

A handful of children sang and danced along with their favorite black artists. Some took center stage to talk about the accomplishments of famous people of color – like Jackie Robinson, Jay-Z, and Kobe Bryant.

“Children are angels and if you can be part of their world and make it better,” King said. “That’s the best that a person can do.”

Mothers Against Gang Violence organized the event to raise awareness of the need for social and economic development in color communities.

“I hope every time I get out of here and connect with our people, speak to our community and hold these events to make changes,” said King. “It’s about making a difference here in the Greater Bakerfield area. This is our city, this is where we live and I want us to live in peace. “

Other organizations came to show their support – including the Buffalo Soldiers.

“I’m getting out of here because people gave something back to me and my brothers and sisters when I grew up in this neighborhood,” said Nicholas Ray of Buffalo Soldiers. “I think it’s only right that we recreate the things that happened to us and give something back to the community.”

The organizers hope that the younger generation will grow up and appreciate the black historical heroes. Experience a special about the history of black people on TV-17 on February 27th.

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