Native artist launches Bakersfield artwork sequence

BAKERSFIELD, CA. – Laura Lee Best, a local artist, found inspiration in her hometown during the pandemic and started a new art series based on Bakersfield’s favorite places.

“This is my favorite place and I know it is for other people. Maybe they’d love it in art form, not just a picture. What can i make “Said Laura Lee Best.

Inspired by her favorite places like 24th Street, Noriega’s and Frugattis, she decided to bring them to life through her art.

“When Covid hit, I felt more drawn to supporting local businesses that were struggling. These are my favorite places I want to grow up and I wanted to capture that in my art, “Best said.

After years of finding inspiration from the Central Coast and the people in her life, she realized that the streets she roamed all her life were also inspiring.

“My favorite is probably the Noriega because it no longer exists, and my heart is a little more drawn to this one too, as all I have left is one historic location in Bakersfield,” Best said.

More importantly, however, the success of her Bakersfield art series has helped her reconnect with the community in which she grew up and regain confidence in her art.

If you are interested in any of their artworks, you can find them at the Bakersfield Art Center. Laura also sells through her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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