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Bakersfield, California 2021-05-28 14:19:00 –

A year after the surge in the need for anti-hunger services in Kern County, the Kern County Community Action Partnership launched a new tool used to reach some of the county’s most vulnerable populations. It was.

On Friday, CAPK announced a new food delivery van that delivers large quantities of food directly to nearby areas. In the current model, food trucks move to different parts of the county and locals receive boxes of health food. According to CAPK, this food van will allow organizations to target a specific population, especially the elderly and individuals with transportation problems.

CAPK CEO Jeremy Tobias said at the unveiling of World Hunger Day, “Solving the problem of hunger is about producing enough food for everyone, but access, opportunities, It’s also about financial strength, logistics and transportation. “” This van, purchased with the generous support of Anthem Blue Cross, addresses some of these issues. “

On Friday, Anthem and CAPK officials met with local politicians and representatives of Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh to debut a new van. The ceremony took place at CAPK’s food bank, where people who missed the local grocery drop-off received food boxes through the queue.

Some cars were lined up from 6am

“As we live our daily lives, we see many poverty and food insecurity that go back and forth between daily responsibilities and have a devastating impact on our community. What made us think, “How can we help the community go beyond health insurance?” Said Phil Rodriguez, Sales Manager at Anthem. “Sadly, I’m surprised how many people have to wait in long lines to get that support and food.”

In 2018, the Food Research and Action Center said Bakersfield had the worst food shortages of any metropolitan area in the country. That same year, CAPK distributed £ 13 million of food to the poor.

In 2020, a pandemic of the new coronavirus closed the business, and CAPK distributed £ 33m of food. This proves the need for last year. But local officials were optimistic on Friday that the van would help make a difference.

“We are thrilled with the distance this vehicle can drive and the smiles you bring every day,” said Joseph Brennan, supervisor’s district director. Philip Peters. “We see it directly here.”

Goh emphasized the partnership between Anthem and CAPK that made it possible to buy vans. In communities where 27% of children are below the poverty line, institutions are needed to protect families in distress.

“In a community with 21% food insecurity, we are reassured that we have partners such as CAPC and Anthem. Our safety in an unstable community is that some people are worried, ”she says. Told. “In places where food is very volatile, we can rejoice as a community.”

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‘Miles to bring smiles’: CAPK hopes van reaches into hardest hit communities | News Source link ‘Miles to bring smiles’: CAPK hopes van reaches into hardest hit communities | News

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