Marisa Wood – 20 year old Bakersfield public school veteran – launches campaign against career politician Kevin McCarthy

A press release from the Marisa Wood for Congress Campaign

Public school teacher, mother and grandmother, Marisa Wood announced that she will run for Congress against Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Marisa has spent the past 20 years serving the Bakersfield community and working with children, and now she competes against McCarthy to fight for the women and families in California’s 23rd Congressional District that he clearly left behind.

Just one day after McCarthy filed charges of dismissing Representative Liz Cheney, Wood joins the race because Cheney recognized the 2020 presidential election as being right. The Punchbowl News reported that McCarthy was looking for a Cheney replacement who “posed no threat to her or her power,” to which Marisa responded on a video announcing her campaign. Look here.

“People in our community are fed up with Kevin McCarthy’s selfish agenda, which focuses more on partisan warfare in Washington than solving problems for families here at home,” said Marisa Wood, candidate for Congress. “I want families in California’s 23rd District to know I am seeing them, and I will use my vote in Congress to ease their struggles. I see the parents struggling to find quality childcare and the people who have lost their jobs due to COVID and are struggling to put food on the table for their families. I see the small business owner barely surviving under COVID restrictions and the farmers in dire need of Northern California water to grow their crops. “

Marisa continued: Kevin McCarthy either doesn’t see these struggling families, workers, farmers and small business owners, or he just doesn’t care. And if he thinks he can, he can silence me or silence me like he does with women threatening him in Washington DC, then something else comes up. “

Marisa understands the struggles many families face in California’s 23rd Congressional District. She and her husband John didn’t have much when they tried to save up for a home while raising their three children in an apple orchard where John worked. She knows families need jobs that pay the bills, access to affordable health care, and an economy that prioritizes workers, breeders, farmers, teachers, and first responders – not just the super-rich and well-connected.

Marisa was born in Danville, California, where she attended public high school. She moved south to attend California Polytechnic State University, where she met her husband, John. Together they moved to Bakersfield in the late 1980s to live on the apple farm where John worked. Marisa raised her children, John Sidney, Casey, and Jamie on this farm, and Marisa has been teaching public school and religious education in the community ever since. John continues to work in agriculture.

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