Local, regional travel is set to spike this Memorial Day weekend News – Bakersfield, California

One thing is certain for this Memorial Day weekend. That means more travelers in the Central Valley, Southern California, and across the state.

The area is projected to attract 2.89 million travelers this weekend, up 64% from 2020, according to Doug Shupe, corporate communications manager for the Southern California Auto Club.

The numbers are still lower than they were on Memorial Day weekend 2019, but the message is clear. People are trying to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is a stalled demand for travel. Of course, the number of COVIDs has decreased and the vaccinations increased, ”Shupe said. “You will see it this weekend.”

Where are the heads of the people?

According to Shupe, national parks are what people want to enjoy after a year of captivity in the great outdoors.

According to an AAA study, Utah’s Zion Canyon National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, Arizona Grand Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park will be popular destinations for Southern Californians.

Las Vegas and San Diego are also ranked high.

In fact, many Bakersfield residents flock to the beach to escape the heat and soak up the cool ocean breezes.

Again on the street

According to AAA statistics, 90% of the region’s residents get to their destination by car.

Despite soaring gasoline prices this year, the average price per gallon is now well above $ 4, an increase of more than $ 1.30 from 2020. On the one hand, it offers travelers flexibility and is economical at the same time.

Given this, the local streets seem crowded, and Shupe states that the main travel times are between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Fridays and all day on Mondays.

“Go ASAP, whether you’re going out or going home,” he said. “It gets crowded in the afternoon.”

safety first

The more motorists grow, the more vigilant law enforcement becomes.

The California Highway Patrol announced Wednesday that there will be a maximum enforcement deadline over a long weekend. It comes into force on Friday at 6 p.m. and lasts until Monday at 11:59 p.m.

While these efforts emphasize the proper use of seat belts, all CHP employees will enforce road safety laws across the state and carefully monitor distracted drivers and people with drug or alcohol disabilities. ..

“Seat belts save lives every day, but some people still do not bend down,” said CHP commissioner Amanda Rey in a statement. “Make sure you and your passengers are properly detained and get the holiday weekend off to a proper start.”

Shupe pointed out that dangerous driving practices increase during the pandemic and people need to be aware of this.

“We all know we’re excited about our goal, but don’t leave the excitement in the face of safety,” he warned.

What is happening on site?

While in larger Bakersfield, you can enjoy activities like hiking in the Windwolves Reserve and Panorama Vista Reserve, as well as horseback riding on the Khan River Park Way Trail.

Visit Bakersfield manager David Lyman added that the city’s new Brewery Trail, a self-guided ArtTrek public art walk through downtown, or a visit to the Veterans Memorial in Kern County are good options.

Additionally, Lyman pointed out that many visitors would likely visit the city over the weekend.

“We need a place to stop by while traveling, and we’re a natural stopover,” he said. “We have many hotels, many activities, family-friendly outdoors and there are many leisure opportunities.

“When people travel to their destination, Bakersfield may be on the way.”

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