Linda Charlton Obituary (2021) – Bakersfield Californian

August 13, 1940 – January 8, 2021

It is a difficult task to paint the picture or to capture the splendor of her being. To give full weight and breadth to what she was and the life she lived. The life she made, touched, delighted, led and saved.

Linda was married to Leland (Biff, Coach) Charlton. He will forever be her poet, companion, partner, steadfast, supporter and beloved knight in shining armor. Mother of Tracy Pettit Studebaker & Curt Studebaker and Michael Pettit; Blond son Phillip Charlton. Carey and Carol, you know the place you have held in her heart and she has held yours. Grandsons, Joshua Smith and Joanna, Weston Smith, Justin Pettit and Corinne, Brandon Pettit and Gina and Colton Studebaker. Her Kansas grandson Quinn too.

It takes a lot of love to describe Linda – family, dear and trustworthy friends, the mountains, dogs, cats, horses (everything that comes and goes with them!) Cows and calves, sunsets, dancing, reading, writing, red wine , good cheese, flowers, helping to play aggravation with / against their grandchildren, archeology, dairy cows and chickens, music and plays, pretty stones and Chinese food.

She loved children. It didn’t matter who they were, they became hers. Those of you who are reading this know who you are and how proud they were of you. Mom lived an extremely full and great life. So many beautiful achievements. So many beautiful places that she has visited. Fortunately, surrounded by so many beings, both two-legged and four-legged, who shared, loved, comforted and carried them.

When Mama swung on her beautiful Pegasus that night, his wings touched our faces, although her breath left her body. In the far background the angels were singing “Hallelujah” and God said, “Hello, my little girl. Welcome home.”

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