Letter to the Editor: Bakersfield Coronary heart glad | opinion

Regarding the Lord’s letter of his experience of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, I would like to reply (“Letter to the Editor: COVID Vaccinations at Heart Hospital,” January 22nd). I’m sorry his arm was sore; However, if you do get a shot, it is recommended that there may be pain. I never knew or experienced that it was something unbearable.

Regarding the fact that he did not see colored people there – no one was turned away and I am sure if he had observed the many days the hospital was administering the vaccine there he would have seen a multitude of people. There has been a lot of advertising where you can get the vaccine. The paper listed half a page of websites and there are constant television commercials. People tend to go where they are more comfortable.

It annoys me that he thinks the vaccine is color-based. If this attitude continues in our country, we will never be at peace. In my opinion, Bakersfield is doing an excellent job vaccinating people. Much better than so many places where the vaccine isn’t there yet.

Laurie Patrick, Bakersfield

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