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Bakersfield, California 2021-06-04 18:30:00 –

Mariachi music filled the air on Friday as the City of Bakersfield proudly unveiled the latest renovations and improvements on Kentucky Street.

“Today is a day for people to celebrate,” Mayor Karen Goh said at a press conference under the elevated Beer Avenue. “These are the people who live in this beautiful part of the church.”

Go, Councilor Andre Gonzales, Bike Bakersfield Board Secretary, Planning and Policy Director Cindy Para, and other members of the city officially announced the 169-day Kentucky Street Urban Greening Project. It is an honor to cut the ribbon of the ceremony. A brand new sidewalk with 120 drought-resistant trees and shrubs and 28 solar-powered street lights were on display. Mr Go said this was an investment the city was particularly proud of.

“I think this Kentucky Street greening project is just one example of the city’s efforts to revitalize deprived areas, especially many communities in east Bakersfield,” said Gonzales.

The $ 890,339 project, which started on November 17th, was launched with the help of a $ 835,504 grant from the California Natural Resources Agency and completed on May 4th by CEN-CAL Construction, starting with a beer overhang the BLOOM mural and on to a new pedestrian crossing, signposted at the intersection of Kentucky Street and Williams Street. I did.

“I remember a lot of us walking these sidewalks with CNPA on September 19, 2018 to convince them to fund us,” says Go, recalling the origins of the project. I talked while doing it. “We were walking down this street, but it was dusty, dirty and there were no nice sidewalks.”

The walkway also includes planting trees and shrubs and mulching from the city’s green waste treatment facility.

28 solar-powered street lights have been installed along the new sidewalk, eliminating the need for electricity for nighttime lighting.

“I think all the public works departments touched this special place last night and confirmed that everything is ready. The only department that wasn’t here was electricity because the project has no electricity. That makes sense, ”joked Briana Career. An administrative analyst in the city council who conducted the ceremony.

Finally, next to the sidewalk, a class II cycle path and a class IV cycle path were set up as a protected cycle path separated from vehicle traffic. According to Gonzales, this is the first time in Bakersfield.

“That was a project I’ve been doing for a long time,” said Parra. “I drive to the down truck from the east almost every day and see this continuum of uninterrupted roads. Saw it and thought it was the best place to build a bike path. “

This project is another step in the revitalization and renovation of the city, but Gonzales promised that this would not be the last planned improvement on the city’s east side.

“As Bakersfield continues to grow, I want everyone to remember this, the people of east Bakersfield, the town of Bakersfield, and many of our leaders, as well as those of east Bakersfield. We want you to know that we are working on revitalization and continuously. Projects like the Kentucky Street Project will improve the quality of life for all families living in the east, ”said Gonzales. Says. “It is time to return to the disadvantaged community and give back in important ways.”

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