In style Bakersfield Meals Truck toggled take away solely

A popular Bakersfield food truck is a takeaway and delivery service only. The Pita Paradise Food Truck is removing its outdoor seating areas due to coronavirus concerns.

In a statement, the food truck said, “Our kitchens and food trucks follow improved cleaning and hygiene protocols specifically designed to prevent the spread of all viruses, including COVID-19 and flu. In addition to our third-party cleaning providers who do professional Cleaning By disinfecting our kitchens and food trucks, we have increased the frequency with which our staff clean high-traffic areas and we will be removing outdoor seating areas to give you and us the necessary precautions to minimize the spread of possible germs. “

They went on to say, “We’ve taken the extra step to set up all of our delivery options as well. You can now order through Uber Eats and Postmates, and we’re also currently setting up our Grubhub account.”

Both Pita Paradise locations are open during normal business hours.

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