In quarters: Bakersfield, CA, Fire Station No. 8

This facility won the Renovations Silver Award at Firehouse’s 2017 Station Design Awards. The full list of winners can be found here.

The city of Bakersfield hired RRM Design Group to redesign the existing Station 8. The city trusted their understanding of their standards when the RRM Design Group developed the city’s prototype station and implemented it in the city’s three most recently built stations.

The existing fire station had a significant shortage of space for full-time firefighters, operational efficiency, and protection from hazardous materials and exhaust gases. RRM Design Group provided the city with an operational analysis of the station’s shortcomings and a proposed solution for expanded and reconfigured areas, including a new training room, separate points store, decontamination area, reconfigured dormitory and gender-specific bathroom division, an expanded fire department office and an enlarged living area for firefighters. Airtight spaces between the firefighter’s living quarters and the equipment bay and an additional exhaust system for the exhaust pipe were provided to protect the firefighters from harmful carcinogens.

A main focus in the reconfiguration of the floor plan was a clear separation of public and private. The station’s original public entrance opened directly to the lounge, providing a secure lobby with a front office to meet the public.

The structure of the station was retrofitted seismically to meet today’s standards for essential service facilities.

The exterior of the station was a mid-century modern style. RRM Design Group kept the existing main features by adding new horizontal glass windows and a vertical masonry element referencing and enhancing the original building while maintaining a mid-century modern style.

Architect: RRM Design Group

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