Get Bus is expanding its transit center at CSUB to serve more of the Bakersfield community

BAKERSFIELD, California – Golden Empire Transit is expanding its services to serve more of the Bakersfield community, including California State University Bakersfield students, non-students, and the underserved community.

With the help of a partnership with Stantec Architecture Inc. and CSUB, this project became a reality.

The new transit center at the CSUB was completed and recently put into operation at the beginning of April.

This center allows for better accessibility for students and faculty on campus, and non-students can take the bus for events on the CSUB campus. 23ABC spoke to Patrick M. McKelvey, an executive director in Stantec’s Los Angeles office, about the community impact of this project.

“The impact on the community will be significant. Working closely with Karen King, Executive Director, and the board of directors of Golden Empire Transit, they recognized the need for services to expand into the southwestern area of ​​Bakersfield. This transit center will be operational . ” to be a great connection for people who live there but need to get to other areas across the Bakersfield area, “McKelvey said.

GET has been offering bus connections to the CSUB for years. The GET buses were a prominent sight on the circle on Don Hart Drive West. As Bakersfield’s development expanded to the southwest, GET also expanded its service to campus, and the previous bus transmission area was insufficient to accommodate the expanded service.

McKelvey went on to say that this project added capabilities and service. Before this expansion, only two buses were able to ensure a safe transfer and not provide adequate security and access to people with disabilities. In addition, the transit center contained many environmentally sensitive features, including energy-efficient LED lighting and landscape materials with low water consumption.

McKelvey said, “The increased use of transit services is inherently environmentally friendly as it removes vehicles from the road and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

There are now six buses running from this transit location, making the community members and students who need them safer. While the partnership with Stantec began in 2016, this project has been in the works since 2010.

With the selection of the west side of Don Hart Drive West, we were able to start the design, apply for funding and jointly plan a state-of-the-art bus transit system on campus.

This new location now serves as a central transit hub for GET customers to switch from one bus route to another and provide better access to the southwest of Bakersfield.

At the same time, the new transit center takes account of growth and facilitates these transfers. Not only will GET use the facility, but Kern Transit will use the facility to bring students from neighboring communities to campus.

This project ultimately improves campus access for students, staff and faculty, facilitates active transportation, integrates improvements for pedestrians, bicycles and buses, and provides a safe transfer to Kern Transit. “

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