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Dryer Vent Cleaning: Find Out How You Can Keep Your Clothes From Smelling Bad

Oct 20

Clothes that come out of the dryer should not be smelly. If they are, then there is a problem with your dryer vent in Statesville, NC. Dryers work by pulling air from the outside and drying clothes through hot air. This means that moisture can get trapped inside your vents and lead to bad smells in your home in Statesville, NC. Cleaning out these vents regularly will help you avoid this issue!

What is a dryer vent, and what does it do?

The dryer vent is part of the exhaust system for your clothes dryer. It's designed to get rid of used lint and moisture out of the air that comes from inside your home when it is pushed through by warm, moist air coming off of your freshly dried laundry. The problem with this cycle is that over time all of those lint fibers build up in what can become a very dangerous situation if you don't keep on top of them while they are still relatively safe. This process creates an excess amount of heat which will cause flames or sparks where there should be none during normal operation, not only putting lives at risk but also burning down houses!

Why do you need to clean your dryer vent? 

Dryer vents can accumulate lint over time, which leads to a number of problems. The first that you notice is the clothes getting stuck in your dryer or just not drying at all. This occurs because there is so much buildup inside the venting system that restricts airflow throughout the appliance. Not only does this lead to an inefficient machine but it also puts added stress on the motor being forced to work extra hard for fewer results! Other issues are more serious and include fire hazard risks and increased utility bills due to excessive power consumption by your dryer; another reason why we recommend contacting us immediately if you suspect anything might be wrong with your equipment. Let us give you a Dryer Vent Cleaning Statesville – always better safe than sorry!

Cleaning techniques for different types of vents 

You may use a vacuum or crevice tool to clean out the lint from the inside of your dryer. In addition, you could also attach a brush with stiff bristles and microfiber cloths for more thorough cleaning. Finally, if there is excessive build-up in your vent pipe, removing all clumps using a screwdriver or other long tools that can reach further down into the system might be necessary. After removing this blockage, thoroughly vacuum each part again to avoid any future buildup within the piping system. If these steps don’t do enough to improve airflow throughout your home, then it might be time for professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Statesville by companies.

Wash clothes in cold water when possible, use fabric softener sparingly, and line-dry whenever possible to reduce the risk of smelly clothes and catching on fire!

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning Statesville is important so that your clothes don't smell bad and catch on fire. To keep your dryer vent running smoothly, be sure to clean it every year or two years, depending on how often you use it. Do this at least once a year for homes with little kids since small fingers could get stuck! Keep smelly clothes from smelling by using cold water, line drying whenever possible, and using fabric softener sparingly. If the problem continues after following these tips, then contact us today for a dry vent cleaning and Chimney Inspection Statesville! We can give further advice and complete an inspection of your dryer vent system to ensure there are no major issues present!


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