Download six new Bakersfield Zoom wallpapers from

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – Working from home and having lots of virtual meetings or virtual happy hours can add a little sparkle to your background.

Visit Bakersfield has released six new zoom wallpapers with areas from across the city. These include a farming backdrop, downtown aerial view, Murray Family Farms, the Fox Theater marquee, a neon courtyard, and Via Arte. You can also download the original ten backgrounds.

And as states reopen, companies are trying to figure out what the workplace will be like after the pandemic ends.

An associate professor says tools like Zoom are likely to stay part of the culture, but companies need to set new boundaries. She says companies need to decide whether to “force” employees to stay in front of the camera throughout the work day or how much video conferencing is required.

Experts say it is important to consider who has access to the various tools that enable remote working to avoid getting locked out of an employment opportunity.

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