Cracker Barrel on the way to Bakersfield? Here’s what’s cooking in the southern valley.

Could the hottest restaurant chain make its debut in downtown Bakersfield after a long empty Logan’s Roadhouse was demolished after a fire?

It’s possible that the move of Logan’s storefront, located just off Highway 99 on California Avenue, will pave the way for Cracker Barrel, the popular southern-style restaurant and country store, to open its first location in the San Joaquin Valley.

KGET reports that the website was approved to switch to Cracker Barrel in February 2019.

The City of Bakersfield’s approval for a Cracker Barrel included the demolition of Logans and replacing it with a 9,000-square-foot building.

This approval was filed by Joe Wong, the managing director of J&A Foods, the franchisee of the now closed Logan’s Roadhouse.

The TV channels are helping that the company was hired by another company to demolish the building in 2021 but was not specified.

Cracker Barrel said it had no recent announcements of a store opening in Bakersfield.

The closest Cracker Barrel locations are in Sacramento, Camarillo, and Santa Maria.

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