Court docket paperwork reveal particulars of the double murder on the Bakersfield Motel

Posted: Feb 4, 2021 / 1:41 PM PST
Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 / 1:53 pm PST

BAKERSFIELD Calif. (KGET) – One of the suspects, charged in a shooting that killed two men in a South Bakersfield motel, claimed he was defending himself because he believed they were going to kill him, according to court documents.

Luise Ramirez, 45, and Rudie Casillas, 39, were found dead in a room at the Vagabond Inn on Colony Street on the night of January 2nd.

Using video evidence and interviews with witnesses, Bakersfield Police located 25-year-old Mario Velasquez and 28-year-old Omar Uranda within days of the shooting and charged them.

Velasquez, in particular, has been identified as a suspect in part because of a jacket he allegedly wears on the motel surveillance video. The document states that he is wearing a similar jacket on his Facebook page, and a possible receipt for the jacket was found in a vehicle police station that was later searched in the investigation.

The report says that Velasquez was at the motel during a police interview to pick up money owed him for a drug deal, but claimed Casillas and Ramirez tried to kill him. Velasquez said a fight had broken out in the room and he shot both men.

Police noted, however, that Velasquez had no visible injuries, and the second suspect, Uranda, reportedly told someone that the victims said something to insult Velasquez before he “pulled out a gun and shot her”. Investigators also discovered a gun on a victim, whose name had been edited, but the gun was holstered and not fired.

According to reports, Velasquez attempted to change the appearance of the car and disposed of the weapon used in the murders.

Before getting a lawyer, Uranda, who is from Moorpark, told investigators that he wrote his wife a letter explaining what happened and that he had no part in killing Casillas and Ramirez. Investigators found the letter during searches in Ventura County.

Both men are charged with first degree murder and will have to appear in court in April.

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