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Bakersfield, California 2021-05-26 15:09:00 –

The California Highway Patrol has a maximum execution time on Memorial Day weekends.

According to the CHP press release, the enforcement period is from 6 p.m. on Friday to 11:59 p.m. on Monday.

While proper seat belt use is paramount during the enforcement phase, all CHP employees will enforce road safety laws across the state, closely monitoring distracted drivers and people with drug or alcohol disabilities. The publication said.

“Seat belts save lives every day, but some people haven’t sat down yet,” said CHP commissioner Amanda Ray in a press release. “Make sure you and your passengers are properly detained and get the holiday weekend off to a proper start.”

Drivers are also reminded to protect their children’s passengers through the proper use of child seats, child seats, and seat belts. The law requires that children under the age of 8 should sit in the back seat whenever possible and children under the age of 2 should always be secured in a rear-facing child seat.

To emphasize the importance of buckling up, according to a press release, the CHP will take place from May 17th to June 6th with the ongoing “Click It or” of the National Road Traffic Safety Authority. We also take part in the “Ticket” campaign.

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