CARE4Paws, SYV Humane Society help rescue Bakersfield dogs

Graham and Oreo are two dogs looking for a new home after being found in Bakersfield. Photo contributed

Animals were found abandoned on a mattress in the Central Valley

Employee report

It often takes a village to save animals in need. This certainly applies to two dogs found abandoned in Bakersfield. The pups, both mixed bullying breeds aged 2 or 3 years, were spotted on a discarded mattress next to a busy road in an agricultural part of town. They had neither food nor water and the male dog had a 5-foot strap tied tightly around his neck. Both dogs were unchanged, and the female had previously given birth to puppies several times.

Members of Bakersfields Rescuing Abandoned Dogs (RAD), an informal group of caring citizens, entered quickly to get the dogs to safety and provided temporary grooming. They named the pups Oreo and Graham for their coloration and both are as cute as their names suggest. Due to the significant pet overpopulation and overwhelming need for rescue in Kern County, RAD sought assistance from the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society and the DAWG. Within a few days, the dogs arrived in Santa Barbara County.

During their time at the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society and the DAWG, Oreo and Graham were not only showered with love and affection, but also modified, microchipped and vaccinated free of charge by local partner CARE4Paws in the organization’s own mobile veterinary clinic. The CARE4Paws clinic team also treated Oreo for a double ear infection and repaired an injury to her ear.

The partnerships don’t end there. The plan for Oreo and Graham is a trip to Montana, where they will be welcomed, nurtured, and taken to loving homes by the Montana Pittie Project. This rescue is focused on helping abused and neglected bullying breeds. The pups are flown to Montana thanks to the generosity of the nonprofit pilots N Paws, whose volunteer pilots work with animal rescue groups and animal shelters across the country to move pets in need.

If you live in Santa Barbara County and would like to add Graham and Oreo’s loving and bubbly personalities to your family, please email us at [email protected] You are a bonded couple. Prior knowledge of the breed is preferred. If a loving home is found locally, the Montana Pittie Project opens its heart to other dogs in need.

On site, Graham and Oreo heard about Onalisa Hoodes, a board member of the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society / DAWG, and Wendy Domanski, the community program coordinator at CARE4Paws. They began to coordinate with a small but powerful rescue village near and far. The collaboration and trip show that rescue work can cross geographic boundaries and give dogs the second chance they really deserve.

Further information: Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society & DAWG, CARE4Paws,;Rescuing Abandoned Dogs (RAD) / groups / 329707324863885 / about, Montana Pittie Project, and Pilots N Paws,

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