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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy, K9, and the suspect are dead after the shooting

A Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy, the police dog, and the suspect are dead after a shooting Monday night in Sacramento, California.

At around 10 p.m., MPs ran over a vehicle they suspected was involved in some break-ins, sheriff officials said. The driver became uncooperative and fled, eventually crashing his car into a curb in the Cal Expo complex, where the California State Fair is held.

He refused to get out of the car even after MPs shot beanbag bullets in the rear window, according to sheriff officials.

The MPs tried to send a dog named Riley through the window. Shots rang out from the car and hit Riley and two MPs, sheriff officials said.

Adam Gibson, 31, who had been on duty for six years and fathered a 9-month-old baby, died in the shooting, as did Riley. The second MP, 43, was taken to a trauma center and is in a serious but stable condition.

The driver was shot when several MPs shot him back and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Gibson, who is also survived by his wife Rachel, has completed two tours of Afghanistan with the U.S. Marine Corps, sheriff officials said. Riley was 5 years old and had worked as a K9 officer for three years.

“It’s tragic,” Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones told local reporters. “I’m trying to find the right thing … there is really nothing. I’m just trying to fight back tears like everyone else. “

Jones said there is no reason to believe the incident was a planned attack or ambush. The suspect is on parole, officials at the sheriff said without naming him or giving any other details about him.

The use of lethal force by MPs is being investigated internally by the sheriff’s office, while the Sacramento Police Department is investigating other aspects of the incident.

The Sacramento Bee identified the suspect as Robert Stephen Calderon.

– Los Angeles times

Washington Ecology Department refuses approval for a methanol plant in Kalama on the Columbia River

SEATTLE – The State Department of Ecology has denied an application for a coastal permit required to build a $ 2 billion Kalama methanol plant to export the chemical to China.

The denial of the permit is a serious setback for a project that would be one of the largest industrial users of natural gas in the Pacific Northwest – the feedstock for methanol – and has generated heated controversy since it was first proposed in 2014.

Critics have attacked the NW Innovation Works project as a major new source of greenhouse gas emissions in the Pacific Northwest that would pollute for decades in the future if the demands of climate change called for that pollution to be reduced.

And Laura Watson, the director of the ecology department, cited the greenhouse gas emissions of the plant as the reason for the refusal of the permit.

“Let me be very clear that a project that would increase greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 5 million (metric) tons annually would not be good for the environment …” said Watson. “At most, this project would be less harmful than possible alternatives.”

The facility’s developers said the project would help displace coal-based methanol in China, which causes far more carbon emissions per gallon of product, and thus would be a net gain in the global fight against this pollution.

– The Seattle Times

The Russian opposition leader Navalny in the notorious Moscow prison, says the rights group

MOSCOW – Leading Russian dissident Alexei Navalny was apparently detained in an infamous internment camp in Moscow just days after returning from Germany.

Navalny was taken to the Matrosskaya Tishina (Sailor’s Silence) detention center on Monday evening, a spokesman for the rights group of the Commission on Public Surveillance in Moscow wrote on his telegram channel.

The prison is known for a number of unexplained deaths, including that of attorney Sergei Magnitsky in 2009.

The Russian authorities have not commented on the whereabouts of the 44-year-old opposition member, who was arrested on Sunday evening immediately after arriving at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

According to the commission’s spokesman, Navalny is doing relatively well in detention. He is “happy to be home” and so far the prison guards have “not put any moral or physical pressure” on him.

Navalny, who had returned from Germany, where he had recovered from an assassination attempt with the nerve agent Novichok, was sentenced to 30 days of pre-trial detention on Monday in a controversial fast-track trial.

He is said to have violated probation requirements in previous criminal proceedings. Navalny and his team criticized the process as a politically motivated attempt to silence it.

– dpa, Berlin

The Pakistani opposition protests against the campaign fund’s allegations against the prime minister

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s opposition gathered Tuesday to protest against Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is accused of illegally raising campaign funds from outside the country.

Authorities have increased security by deploying thousands of police officers and troops in the capital, Islamabad, before the protest outside the country’s main election office.

An alliance of opposition parties is urging Pakistan’s Electoral Commission (ECP) to decide on a 6-year-old complaint against Khan for collecting US donations.

Legal experts said Khan’s party could face a ban on undermining the country’s security for accepting funds from abroad and failing to maintain the donor trail for the 2013 election.

A close adviser who later broke up with Khan filed a complaint with the ECP in 2014 about his fundraiser, saying the money may have been sent to Pakistan illegally.

Despite several investigations, the ECP has been reluctant to announce the decision for years.

Khan’s party admitted last week that it raised the campaign funds, but blamed “unspecified” agents in the US for the illegality.

“What Khan did by illegally getting money is a national crime,” said Ahsan Iqbal, a close adviser to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, whose party will protest.

“He deserves a penalty for that … We would not tolerate any further delay in the verdict against him or his party.”

– dpa, Berlin

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