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The Supreme Court denies another Georgia election lawsuit

ATLANTA – The US Supreme Court on Monday dismissed an appeal in a lawsuit seeking to halt the January runoff that transferred control of the US Senate to the Democrats.

The lawsuit, filed by Attorney L. Lin Wood in December, alleged that Georgia’s procedures for processing postal ballot papers for the runoff ballot violated state law. Wood also opposed the state’s process of verifying the signatures on postal ballot papers and processing those ballots prior to election day, as well as opposed the use of drop boxes for voters to return their ballot papers. He said these policies resulted in widespread electoral fraud in the November general election.

In December, a federal judge denied Wood’s motion for a restraining order to stop the election. The judge said Wood was unable to file the lawsuit and that his allegations of possible election fraud were “too speculative”.

Wood appealed to the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and later to the Supreme Court. On Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed Wood’s appeal without comment.

It is the second time in the past few weeks that the Georgia Supreme Court has dismissed an election lawsuit. In February, the Court dismissed Woods’ appeal against a lawsuit seeking to overturn the November presidential election.

The lawsuits were part of an extraordinary series of legal disputes over the November presidential election and January runoff that elected Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the US Senate.

– The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Can a pill help fight COVID-19? Early study results suggest that this is possible

A potential new treatment for COVID-19, which is still in the study, eliminated out-of-hospital coronavirus patients who, according to newly published preliminary results, developed symptoms of infection more quickly than those given a placebo.

And it’s a pill.

If ongoing clinical trials continue to show similar positive results, it could be the first oral antiviral for COVID-19 to join a relatively small range of treatments that will save potentially infected people from the progression of a serious illness.

The only other treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is remdesivir, a drug that is administered through the veins and is restricted to hospitalized COVID-19 patients aged 12 and over.

The results of the Phase2a study were presented on Saturday at the 2021 conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections.

“The secondary objective results of this study, namely a faster decrease in the infectious virus in people with early COVID-19 treated with (the pill), are encouraging and, if supported by additional studies, could have important public implications Have health, especially as SARS The CoV-2 virus continues to spread and develop worldwide, ”said Dr. William Fischer, lead researcher on the study and associate professor of medicine in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, in a statement.

The pill, called molnupiravir, was randomly distributed in various doses among 182 participants in multiple medical centers who showed coronavirus symptoms and were not hospitalized within a week of testing positive.

On day five, no one taking the pill had tested positive for coronavirus yet, while 24% of those taking a placebo drug did, according to the study. Participants who took larger doses of the drug “also had fewer infectious viruses than the placebo group after three days,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

The pill blocks the coronavirus’ ability to replicate. It was developed by Miami-based Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck, a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United States in New Jersey.

The researchers said there were no “safety signals” of concern. Four “serious adverse events” were reported but none were caused by the pill.

The researchers said the phase 2 studies were still ongoing.

– McClatchy Washington Bureau

9-year-old boy killed after someone shot his family vehicle in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – A 9-year-old boy died of murder this year, the seventh child in St. Louis, after someone opened fire on his family’s vehicle on Sunday night.

The police identified the boy as Caion Greene. He was shot dead just before 10 p.m. on the 900 block of LaSalle Park Court in a neighborhood south of downtown. He died in a hospital.

Caion lived on the 4,500 block of Coyle Court in south St. Louis County.

Police said Caion was hit in the upper body. He was taken to the hospital by relatives and the police were called as soon as they arrived.

Three other people in the car with Caion were not injured, the police said. They were a man, 31, a woman, 34 and a 7 month old boy.

Police said two men are suspected in the shooting but have not released details about them or that the shots were shot from another vehicle.

The shooting took place in the LaSalle Park district south of the city center on the border with Soulard. A St. Louis Housing Authority complex, LaSalle Park Apartments, is the address of the shooting.

The city had recorded 32 murders as of Sunday. Seven of the victims, including Caion, were younger than 17 years old. Four were girls and three were boys.

– St. Louis Post-Dispatch

‘Naked Cowboy’ was arrested during Bike Week in Daytona Beach

A street performer in New York Times Square known as the “Naked Cowboy” was arrested in Volusia County on Saturday for aggressive panhandling while attending Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week.

Robert Burck, who only wears white briefs, boots and a cowboy hat when performing, is also accused, according to court records, of having offered non-violent resistance to an officer.

This is Burck’s 21st appearance at the popular motorcycle event, according to his official Facebook page.

A video of the arrest posted on YouTube shows Burck, 50, with his signature guitar strategically placed to give the illusion of nudity.

A small crowd gathers and one person yells, “Free the cowboy!” When a handcuffed Burck stands near a Daytona Beach police car with two officers.

There was no legal information for Burck on the court records. Prison records show he was released on Sunday.

– Orlando Sentinel

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