Bakersfield’s mom dies of COVID-19 issues, husband warns of the severity of the virus

BAKERSFIELD, California – A local mother who is just 30 years old leaves her husband and four children after complications with COVID-19, according to family and friends.

On Tuesday night, a friend of the family’s Shannon Honebrink says her newborn baby is still fighting.

“They were just trying to do whatever they could to help her get back from it all, and in the end she was unable to. Even if she is as strong as she, ”said Honebrink.

Shannon Honebrink says her friend Larissa Hickey posted on Facebook in late January that she tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant. Honebrink says Hickey said she felt fine after that, but suddenly her health went from bad to worse.

“Unfortunately, after about 48-72 hours, she was just starting to decline and they made the decision to incubate her and have the emergency caesarean.”

Then Honebrink says Hickey passed away shortly afterwards.

“It was about 24 to 36 hours after they did the emergency caesarean section that she died.”

Hickey’s husband wrote in a 23ABC Facebook post, “Please take COVID seriously. My wife was only 30 years old and had no underlying issues.” Honebrink says her friend went to school to become an RN and online fitness trainer on the side.

“She just did everything that she had so much energy.”

Honebrink met Hickey in 2017 through a Facebook group that was designed for mothers. She says they will always stay together through the ups and downs of life. However, this is the first mother in their group to pass and now mothers across the country are stepping out to help.

“In our small and powerful group, we put our heads together and said what we can do. We set up a fund and collectively raised about $ 7,000 in less than 24 hours, just among our mom’s group. “

She says Hickey was a home mom and while two of the kids are Sean’s stepchildren, she empathizes with him as he takes on this new role.

“When you think about doing this on your own, it’s heartbreaking. I sympathize with him because it is one of those unmatched losses that you are suffering and all that we in the community can do to make it a bit easier. “

As for Damon, the premature baby, Honebrink says he is fine during a difficult time for the family.

“He was just 2 pounds when he was born. That’s just crazy, but he’s still a tough little fighter. “

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