Bakersfield’s Maaco Auto Paint & Collision Restore wins the ThreeBestRated® Award 2021 for one of many high rated auto physique outlets

Maaco Auto Paint & Collision Repair has won the ThreeBestRated® Award 2021 for one of the top rated auto body shops in Bakersfield. And your team couldn’t be happier. Especially since they have won this award for the third time.

“We are humble and excited to continue serving this community,” said Muhammed Haq, Principal of Maaco Auto Paint & Collision Repair.

Maaco car paint and collision repair:

The Macco Center was founded in 1972 by Tony Martino. Today they have grown into a premier body shop with more than 500 locally owned stores in the US and Canada.

Muhammed Haq is the principle of Maaco Auto Paint & Collision Repair, Bakersfield. “I’m from the Bay Area and have always liked cars. The first thing people always notice about a car is the look, and a big part of that is the quality of the paintwork. This inspired me to become an expert in this particular area of ​​automobile manufacturing / repair, ”he says.

“People love their cars and I enjoy making sure the look of a car is something an owner / driver can be proud and excited about,” he adds.

Muhammed prides itself on giving his customers the service they deserve. “Give them the opportunity to appreciate their cars more and feel more connected to them when they get the repairs and modifications they want. It is a pleasure for them and me to know that I am able to carry out what they design to show their unique styles, ”he says proudly.

Your approach:

Everyone on their team has excellent communication and customer service skills. “We know that not everyone who has a problem knows exactly what to ask for or how to ask for information. For this reason, we attach great importance to informing our customers about their options and to making the painting / repair process as easy as possible for them. It is our service and our tailor-made care that sets us apart, ”says Muhammed.

And in Bakersfield, many collision and car bodies avoid avoiding complete paint jobs for customers. But Muhammed and his team don’t turn down full jobs. “At Maaco, we try to ensure that the color of your vehicle is the same. If that means painting or mixing extra panels, we’ll do it, ”he says.

They always try to circumvent our customers’ financial needs and promote sales when available. However, if they are not available, they agree on reasonable prices.

Plans for 2021:

Muhammed and his team plan to continue providing exceptional service to their customers during this difficult and unpredictable time. “We know that anything that offers a sense of comfort or predictability will be valued in times like these. At Maaco, you can always be sure that we will take care of your car as best we can and inform you of all your options, ”he says.

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