Bakersfield voters are contemplating common finances improve information

BAKERSFIELD – Town Meeting Day in Bakersfield is hosted this year by Australian Ballot. For those who want a postal vote, they can request it online. It will be sent to your home as soon as possible, or you can vote in person on March 2nd at the town hall.

“I miss the old-fashioned town get-together, but on the other hand, because it’s daytime and not everyone can go, it’s not fair to some people in town who can’t make it to a regular town get-together.” said Selectboard Chair Lance Lawyer. “It is new for us to prepare everything for the Australian vote like this year, but I think it will give us the opportunity to hear from citizens about issues that are normally voted on during the day.”

Article 11 asks if the city should provide $ 265,000 for general city expenses. According to city officials, this is an increase in the overall budget approved last year. Some of the expenses that caused the overall budget to grow for that year were the growing expenses for the fire department, clearance, ambulance, and the cost of Franklin County Court.

On Wednesday, February 24th and Friday, February 26th, an informational meeting will be held through Zoom to discuss Articles 4 to 22 for anyone who would like more information on this year’s Bakersfield Town Meeting Day.

Article 8 asks if the city would like to allocate $ 300,000 for road works.

Bakersfield is still in financial deficit due to a storm in October 2019. This storm caused great damage and flooding, and is estimated to have caused more than $ 5 million in damage to roads across the state. The state and FEMA money is still pending, but the city is hoping this money will come soon and help the city out of its financial deficit.

Article 12 asks if the city should allocate $ 55,834.84 for trucks. Article 18 asks if the city should allocate $ 35,000 to the HF Brigham Library in 2022.

The civil servants who are elected are a Selectboard member for three years, a Selectboard member for two years, a city clerk for two years, a treasurer for three years, a lister for three years, another lister for two years with one Term of office of three years and an auditor for a term of three years.

The city officials who must be elected are a first policeman, a second policeman, a tax collector, a grand juror, a city agent, a cemetery commissioner for a term of five years, two library trustees for a term of three years, and a trustee for public funds for a three-year term, a hospital committee for a two-year term, and one person on the Brigham Academy Committee for a three-year term.

“I hope everyone comes to the vote!” said Selectboard member Samuel Cribb.

The city is confident that the changes on this year’s City Assembly Day will result in more votes and more people the opportunity to participate.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Madison Froelich, a reporter for the Community News Service, a collaboration with the University of Vermont’s Reporting & Documentary Storytelling program.

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