Bakersfield tutoring firm presents counseling for highschool juniors

BAKERSFIELD, CA. – For some students, a wish has come true – no standardized tests for college applications. However, the uncertainty can have a negative impact on the college rate in Kern County.

According to a local tutor for the Tutoring Club of Bakersfield, students should prepare for anything as they look forward to college.

“SAT and ACTs are not required for the application. However, if we want to make the most compelling case for your students about the school of their dreams and the one it will take, we strongly encourage you to prepare as if it were going to happen, “said Liam Powers, Tutoring Club of Bakersfield.

The spring dates for the entrance exams for SAT and ACT have been canceled. Only the ACT was postponed for June 13th. The change means some students won’t have the option to retake the test multiple times before applying for college.

“In general, students who were really close to not enjoying school, maybe had high absenteeism rates or thought school wasn’t for them, were right on that edge, and this will likely get students over the edge because they have been removed from their area in the past two months, “Powers said.

According to a study by AdvisorSmith, only 5.8% of the Bakersfield population have a college or university degree. A percentage that could decrease after this pandemic.

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