Bakersfield School provides a five-week on-line program of scholar and displaced help

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Bakersfield College announces a Back to College program aimed at reintroducing displaced persons with new skills into the workforce.

BC is offering a late five week semester to bring students back to college in hopes of supporting our local community and economy. The entire program takes place online.

The Back to College program has three options of six, seven, or 13 units, with financial assistance available to cover course and other costs. These courses will put students on a path that will allow them to graduate in BC or move to a four-year institution, the college said.

According to BC, academic support services will be available for all courses, including sessions for virtual tutoring and writing centers.

Starting March 30th, online sessions will take place next week that will guide students through the registration process.

“Now that Bakersfield College is 100 percent online for teaching and student services, our focus is on how we can help our larger community,” said President Sonya Christian. “Our faculties and counselors have created a five-week program to get our community members back into the workforce during these uncertain times. The entire program – all courses, enrollments, our student and academic support – will take place online. “

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