Bakersfield restaurant remains positive after opening amid a pandemic

BAKERSFIELD, California – As part of our Rebound series, we share the stories of companies dealing with the challenges of the pandemic and making them work. One of those businesses is a local bar and restaurant that actually opened in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We opened in August in the middle of the pandemic,” said Lisa Tucker Hood, owner of Krush.

Krush began moving from Hageman Road to Meany Avenue when the March pandemic began. Despite the unknowns with COVID-19, Tucker Hood decided to take a risk and open the restaurant anyway.

“Well, I thought, let’s open it up, even if it was just on the patio,” said Tucker Hood.

Tucker Hood was born and raised in Bakersfield and has been in the restaurant business for nearly 6 years. However, she says this has been the toughest year yet.

“We stay afloat, but it takes a long time to open a restaurant even if there is no pandemic,” said Tucker Hood.

And for her, she looks at the family of her employees and customers, which is why it was particularly difficult to see that her employees were struggling to make ends meet due to COVID.

“It’s very frustrating. This is even more true of my co-workers as they try to support their families, feed their children, and do the things they need to do to make a living, “said Tucker Hood.

But Tucker Hood and her staff persevered and continued to work hard to get more customers by promoting their Facebook page to let people know they were open.

“I think the happiest people are when they can come here and take off their masks and enjoy their drinks and friends and see their faces,” said Tucker Hood.

As more and more customers came to enjoy a drink, music, and company, Tucker Hood felt that things were slowly improving.

“It’s so much fun here because it’s not uncommon for us to shout,” Goodnight, “through the restaurant, Tucker Hood said.” You know you barely see it. “

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